The Wiki Timeline is a guide to help users write their pages. Year One begins with the quest to Kanjura.

Will be updated as more content is added.


Year OneEdit

Adventure OneEdit

  • Montana, Guy, Scarlett, and Karma travel to the Ancient Ruins of Kanjura.
  • Guy steals the Kanjurian Idol.
  • They all escape, Guy and Montana start a fued, Guy disowns himself from the family.

Year TwoEdit

Adventure OneEdit

  • Montana, Scarlett, and Karma travel to the Forbidden Vast Lands of China.
  • The group defeats the Ney'shro Cartel.
  • Montana retrieves the Forbidden Book.
  • The group kills the Evil Demon Dragon.
  • Karma defeats the Samurai and flees with her family and the book.

Year ThreeEdit

Adventure OneEdit

  • Montana, Scarlett, and Karma travel to the Wastelands of Russia.
  • The family are chased by Evil Demon Ghosts all the way to the underground kingdom.
  • Montana takes the chest, unable to open it.
  • The Evil Demon Ghosts go after them again, with a more deadly aspect.
  • The family manages to escape.

Adventure TwoEdit

  • Montana is hired by David James to travel to Adalan and retrieve an Adalanian crystal.
  • Montana finds and takes the crystal.
  • Montana defeats the three Evil Demon Lions.

Year FourEdit

Adventure OneEdit

  • Guy goes on a quest of his own for the Australian Map to other temples.
  • Guy nearly dies, on many occassions.
  • Guy doesn't find the map and he procalims his mission a failure.
  • Montana finds and confronts Guy.
  • The two apologize and once again become father and son.
  • The two actually find the map and flee after escaping Evil Demon Lizards.

Year SixEdit

Adventure OneEdit

  • The entire family is hired by David to go on an expidition for the burial of Ozai.
  • They encounter an asian Idol much like the one from Kanjura.
  • Montana takes the Idol himself and they all flee before the Large Evil Demon Monkeys could kill them.

Adventure TwoEdit

  • They confront the Large Evil Demon Monkey's leader.
  • The Monkey is killed at the hands of Scarlett.
  • Karma finds the burial of Ozai.

Year ElevenEdit

Adventure OneEdit

  • Montana and Karma was hired once again to travel to Tortuouso and find the lost Aztec Pearl.
  • Montana and Karma encounter Evil Demon Mummies.
  • The Evil Demon Monkeys nearly kills Montana and Karma.
  • Scarlett and Guy rescues them. 
  • All four of them together find the pearl and leave.

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