Demon Monkey
Large Evil Demon Monkeys were demon possessed monkeys that evolved from regular Demon Monkeys. They were located in Asia in a vast temple in the northern mountains.


Large Evil Demon Monkeys only lived in Asia. They were exactly like regular Demon Monkeys save for their difference in size. They have black fur, long teeth and a skull for a head which marks them possessed by a demon. Unlike the regular Demon Monkeys, some hunted alone. With the monkeys being possessed, the Evil Demon Monkeys guarded the temple and killed those who tried to wander into the temple.They also have many different froms

Appearance in Temple Run 2Edit

In Temple Run 2, the nine demon monkeys from the previous game have been replaced with one large monkey. It has thicker arms and runs on all fours like a gorilla.

The Demon Skull Mask and the Demon Claw Ring are based off of these creatures. The claw is a remider that a single trip can be deadly and the skull is rumored to have power over the beasts.


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